Puerto Rico: 787-722-0220
Atlanta: 770-639-5438


  • Computerized Log in system insuring sample tracking from time of receiving, analysis, QA/QC validation and final reports.
  • State of the art analytical instruments operating automatically.
  • Detailed Chemical Analysis that could be performed upon communication with the laboratory



  • AIHA¹ American Industrial Hygiene Association For Metals, Lead, Organic Solvents, And Fibers Analyses.
  • NVLAP¹ National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program Under The National Institute Of Standards And Technology For Asbestos Fiber By PLM.
  • ELAP Environmental Laboratory Approval Program, New York State Department Of Health for Waste Water, Solid and Air Emission Analyses.
  • NELAP National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
  • NLLAP¹ National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program For
    Dust, Soil And Paint.


¹The only laboratory certified in Puerto Rico.

Analysis of air samples for industrial hygiene, air quality and OSHA compliance
Analysis of water & wastewater parameters (PRASA and NPDES list), TCL, TAL and priority pollutants lists
Analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons
Analysis of PCB/pesticides, herbicides
Analysis of full RCRA (TCLP and RCI)
Analysis of dust, paint, soil and air for lead
Analysis of asbestos by PLM and PCM
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